Free Father’s Day 2011 Gift Idea

No one knows your dad like you do. Here’s your chance to prove it with an unusual and thoughtful gift. It really is a gift that money can’t buy that doesn’t have to cost a penny. I guarantee that this will be one of the most memorable gifts you will ever give your dad. You’ll get a lot out of it too.

You will need:
  • a book of raffle tickets
  • an envelope
  • a pen
  • your imagination
Here’s what you do:
  1. Decide how many surprises you want to give your dad, let’s say 10 (but it’s up to you)
  2. Tear 10 raffle tickets out of the book and put them in the envelope
  3. On the stubs that are left, or a separate sheet of paper if you prefer, begin to write down 10 treats for your dad.  Get your kids involved too, as they can be relied upon to have fantastic ideas. My kids like to write IOUs for kisses and hugs, for example.
Here’s some (tried and tested)  ideas to get you started, but you will know what is best for your own, unique, dad: (Bear in mind that this list is written for your dad to read):
  • Call (or track down) an old friend to say hello
  • Write a letter to your dad (even if they’re not alive) to say thank you and the questions you wished you’d asked
  • Put together a ‘day in the life’, a record of your life now, to share with your children and grandchildren
  • Plant a tree
  • Watch your favourite comedy film with as many of your family and friends as possible
  • Learn a new skill
  • Write down everything that you’re grateful for and keep the list so that you can keep adding to it
  • Write to the letters page of your local paper
  • Dig out your favourite records from the past and spend a whole afternoon playing them
  • Teach your grandkids a nursery rhyme from your own childhood
That should be enough to get you started….
Present the raffle tickets to your dad on Father’s Day, and let him pick  a number (or several). One of the beauties of this gift is that your dad can open it as and when he wants to.

2 thoughts on “Free Father’s Day 2011 Gift Idea

  1. Hello Commando Dad! thank you for the great ideas! We are trying to save some money right now, so your ideas are great because they are more about taking action and being thoughtful rather than spending a lot of money!
    Would love to hear if anyone else has some great ideas for Father’s Day too.

  2. … Even if he is no longer alive. Wow! I never thought of taking time out on father’s day to thing of my dad!? he’s been gone a long time and I will always miss him. Thanks. I am going o do it from now on! :o) Brilliant!

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